Once you have tasted the water, the softness of drinking just keeps you coming back, the healing experience is genius in its simplicity.

Robin Lebon

I've noticed some cool things physically change with the water... The water is wetter and softer. It doesn't stink anymore of chlorine and this swampy river smell. It also tastes much better. My skin feels much nicer and doesn't itch. My teas taste much better as well. I was skeptical at first but i'm glad to have these units at home!! It has lowered the TDS (total dissolved solids) in my water and has normalized the Ph to 7.3-7.4 coming out of the tap. My tap water tastes like mountain spring water, which i still can't believe. LOL

Roman S. St-Bruno, Qc.

We started out with the portable unit and we noticed that our coffee tasted better. Then i noticed increased vitality in my husband. We always structured our water with this unit and we realized the water tasted much better and wetter, even if our deep well water was excellent. Noticing all of these changes, we decided, during a promotion, to buy the whole house unit and within a few weeks, we witnessed real changes. First of all, our toilet stayed clean much longer. The drains in our sinks looked brand new. In three weeks, the vitality in my husband really increased and even the people around him noticed a substantial difference. Our hair is beautiful, softer and my skin brakes less easily.

J.D. Ste-Agathe des Monts, Qc

Here are just a few testimonials. These are genuine people who have installed Natural Action Technologies units and who have accepted to be interviewed by Adam Abraham (Independent distributor, documentary producer and radio show host), whom we'd like to thank for making these very informative videos. There are thousands of emails that have been sent since the beginning of this endeavor, expressing gratitude and a multitude of miraculous transformations on health issues and the natural environment.

Vicki's family moved in to their new custom built home where their health rapidly declined. They found out it was the water. Even after spending an estimated 30K dollars on sophisticated water treatment and filtration systems, there was no change in the family's health. By the city standards, the water was fine. The results just after installing the Natural Action Technologies units (they installed 2, one for the house and one for the garden) speak for themselves in this video.

Roger Dagget's Story

Roger is an greenhouse organic farmer, dedicated in obtaining the highest nutritional value for his vegetables. In this video, you will learn how this nutritional value is tested, and how lacking in nutrients supermarket and organic produce really are.

Clayton Nolte, the inventor along with Jacquelyn Aldana, writer of "The 15 Minute Miracle", and her husband discuss the effects of structured water on their well, again investing in expensive water treatment systems to remove the iron from their water, also investing in other units for a better quality of water without success . The structuring device completely made their water healthy and helped her husband reverse his stage 4 cancer. They also speak about plant growth both indoor and outdoor.

Jim Harshman built this house in 2005, and found out that his water was extremely hard, a tough calcium build up occurred creating a ring around his pool, his fountain and blocking his misters. After installing his unit, the water is completely soft, all traces of calcium have disappeared and he never had to clean his misters again.

Joe Johnson, microbiologist, discusses the amazing results he has witnessed by installing a system to water this area of lower quality strawberries, in only a few hours, they surpassed the "good" field in nutritious energy.

Strawberry fields follow up!

Fantastic growth of beautiful roses

We would greatly appreciate your own testimonials. As we are growing, we are always learning new benefits when using structured water, fascinating recovery stories, money saving stories and renewed wellness, coherence and balance.